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transdiscipline's Journal

Transdisciplinarity Online
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Welcome. This is a community dedicated to the discussion of transdisciplinarity.

Read about the "Three Pillars of Transdisciplinarity" by Seb Henagulph here: http://www.goodshare.org/pillars.htm

Much misunderstanding the studies of religion, philosophy and its more esoteric studies is due to a failure to interpret the meaning of their symbols and structure- In other words, mistaking the menu for the meal. For example, the ancient discipline of Alchemy is, at face value, a process of transmuting lead to gold. However, when broken down into its individual steps, it is more akin to a personal transmutation of one's soul from base, animalistic desires to an enlightened state of being. The symbol of alchemy, the Phoenix, is synonymous with this rebirth. However, during medieval times, the Church would have persecuted alchemists for heresy, so a 'code' of sorts involving metals and substances was contrived. People seeking to accumulate wealth through the literal transmutation of lead to gold spent fortunes attempting to achieve it, without ever knowing the philosophical implications of the discipline.

(To be added: Application of Quantum Physics)

To those of you seeking to expand upon your knowledge and to seek the similarities between us, as opposed to the differences, you are more than welcome to contribute to the community.

The most important rule of this community is: If you find that an article relates to your experience in some form or fashion, please share! Whether it's how tempo in chess relates to 4th quarter momentum in basketball or how a factor in macroeconomics relates to quantum physics, it's in our best interests to discover those principles which transcend our perspectives.

Also, any posts above 1000 words should use an lj-cut. Thanks!